Betsy Abel MS, CSCS, LMT is a Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist, a State Licensed Massage Therapist and Strength
and Conditioning Coach.

Beginning in 2006, Betsy began working as the Sports Massage Therapist for the nationally ranked, Saint Mary’s College Men's Rugby team. Through her certifications as a Sports Massage Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, she is able to provide her clients with a unique opportunity to have their needs comprehensively addressed. Her education in combination with her personal experience as a former collegiate rugby player and team captain offers an empathetic and unique insight into the world of athletics.

In July 2018, Betsy served as the Head Sports Massage Therapist for the Rugby World Cup 7's tournament in San Francisco, California. She also worked as a sports massage therapist at the Las Vegas 7’s Tournament in 2019. Betsy also successfully works with individuals ranging from beginners to elite athletes as well as NBA coaches, NFL players, Pro Rugby players, Pro Triathletes, Ultimate Frisbee players,Rowers, Cyclists, Ultra Runners, Elite Volleyball Players and Olympians. She has been an intricate aspect of their recovery and performance programs producing results and improved outcomes.

She is able to offer athletes of all ranges a well-rounded approach to their recovery off the field and performance on the field. Betsy is personally dedicated to the process of moving beyond the athlete's internal limitations and boundaries in order to achieve optimal results.