Betsy Abel has the essential skills
to treat elite athletes and weekend warriors alike.



Having the unique combination of being a sports massage therapy and a strength and conditioning specialist, Betsy's clients range from active individuals in need of deep tissue body work to the nationally ranked, Saint Mary’s College Men's Rugby team, olympians, international and national rugby players, NFL players, NBA coaches, Oakland Strokes Rowing Club and the Oakland Triathalon Club.

"My name is Carlin Isles, USA Rugby 7’s player, known as the fastest rugby player in the world. I would like to say that my time with Betsy was amazing. I am well known, far as keeping my body right and trying to work with the best. And during the World Cup she was better than I expected. She paid good attention to my body and what I was asking of her, and she did an amazing job! If I ever needed anything in that area she would be the first one I would come to."

— Carlin Isles, USA Rugby 7’s player

" Betsy Abel, at THE ABEL BODY, provides massage therapy care that any athlete, young or old, can benefit from. Her expertise is not limited to athletically active individuals but includes anyone seeking improved body performance. Her dedication to her craft, her caring approach, and her knowledge of the field make her an outstanding professional."

— Ron Adams, Assistant Basketball Coach, Golden State Warriors

"I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon Betsy Abel. I encountered her when my plantar fasciitis was so severe I was having trouble walking. The effect from her treatment was truly amazing and immediate. Her skill level far surpasses that of a sports massage therapist. Her anatomical knowledge and vision is remarkable. She is a highly adept clinician and gifted at seeing the whole person, accounting for the unseen stressors in our life and shapes her treatment plan accordingly. In short, she is a healer.

If you have the opportunity to see her, jump at it and I am positive it will improve your life."

— Alyssa Luddy, MD

"I was originally recommended to Betsy by a teammate who had been seeing her for a number of years prior; I had been suffering from a painful back injury that a number of other AT’s, Chiropractors and Doctors had failed to successfully diagnose or treat. Within a few months of seeing Betsy my injury and subsequent pain had completely subsided.

I now see Betsy on a weekly basis for ‘maintenance’; she has regularly prevented minor ‘niggles’ from becoming serious injuries, and ensured that I am fit and able in time for major games/tournaments. Her treatment is now an integral part of my weekly schedule for both training and playing.

I would recommend Betsy and her treatment to anybody looking for a hands on, confident and experienced massage therapist."

— Bruce Thomas, SFGG Club Director and Player

"I've worked with Betsy for years and she has helped me prepare for and recover from thousands of miles of training and was a major part of my being able to complete four 100-mile races."

— Sam Fiandaca, Race Director of Brazen Racing

"Betsy is a total life saver. From training me 12 years ago to get toned for my wedding, to doing deep body work on a regular basis, I can honestly say Betsy is the best. Between my two active young boys (on my feet constantly), and my job as a graphic designer (on my seat at the computer constantly), I need some heavy duty deep body work and Betsy never fails to deliver. She's professional, completely skilled at what she does best, personable and always leaves me feeling ready to take on my many roles."

— Lisa Jackson, Good on Paper

"Betsy’s care always provides me with the confidence that my problem areas will always be addressed and will always improve. She has a unique capability of identifying the root of problems and exactly what needs to be done to correct them. She manages time very well, always touching up on old problems while still making sure to work out new kinks. She is both professional and personable. I am confident that even with my growing age I will still continue to excel in the weight room, and feel healthy and strong with the help of Betsy."

— Paula Spivey D.C.

"Thank you Betsy! You have truly helped me get back on the field this season. You are gem and I'm very thankful to have met you! Thank you for being a part of my athletic career. Means the world to me!
(2015 Season)"

— Dino Waldren, SMC Rugby Player

"Because of Betsy's experienced and professional help on the massage table and in the weight room, I've achieved and even surpassed my fitness goals. Her massage work goes far beyond a day spa - no candles or New Age music - and helped me break through chronic back and quad tightness, freeing me to cycle like I'm 10 years younger.  I'm no pro athlete, I just have a hectic schedule, and Betsy always extracts the most out of our time together. She knows how to address my problems, and how to motivate me in the gym. I'm always confident that Betsy's work will help me prep for whatever's next. My only hesitation in recommending her is that she might get too busy to see me!"

— A.C Kim, MD